Stomach Content

a stomach and bloody dish

Stomach content is used in the crime lab to help figure out the persons' last meal if it was recent. If they were killed out on the street after dinner hours, time of death puts it right after dinner, then stomach content can narrow down where they were depending on what variety is there. The stomach content can also tell if there is something like poison if it was injected through food. That has to be tested for before it completely leaves the body and all evidence has disappeared into the blood stream. The stomach content can tell a lot about what the person did in the last 24 hours, the content just has to be analyzed and read properly. The stomach content would be collected from the autopsy and the properly taken into the crime lab itself following protocol where the contents can be determined. They need to get all the possible food and other enzymes out of the stomach tissue and acids along with everything from the intestines.

Forensic Science. 5 May 2009